Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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Welcome to Oregon-The Mormons are Comin'

Hola beloved familia y amigos!
I don't remember alot about the MTC this week its been a real blur but ill try to display myself. We finished teaching Sydney and Ashton and it was really awwesome! Sydney turns out is a member who roleplays! She teaches primary and loves it! Ashton didn't tell us if he was a member but its ok i think not knowing leaves the relationship that we had cool instead of a "Oh, your a member" sort of deal. We got to hear from Elder Echo Hawk and Elder Allen from our devotional both are from the 70's. It was super awesome they both nailed into us obediance. They told us alot of stories about missionaries who broke the rules and now are in prison or bad things happened. BE OBEDIANT is my catchphrase now! I also got to see the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar and it is so amazing its changed my life!  He talked about how the natural man is an enemy to God (Mosiah 3:19) but as we develop faith in Christ we 1. Accept God and Jesus Christ 2. we learn more about their character, or moral qualities that are strikingly displayed and consistently lived. The Savior demonstrates his character by turning outward to others ALWAYS. As we sin we turn away from God but if we come unto Christ we can reTURN back to God. Always remember to turn out to others guys! 
Anyway my last impression of the MTC was the OJ. Now some of you know about the rumor going around about the OJ... its totally true i drank it and had a major cleanout from below. Thinking this was "coincidental" i tried 2 cups 3 days later and had the WORST NIGHT EVER. EVER!! The OJ is the drink from the man downstairs. I got to say goodbye to all my teachers they were awesome! They helped teach me so much! 
On our last night we got 1 hour of sleep and then we drove to SLC airport and got on the plane! FLYING IS SO COOL i loved it it felt super cool and it was an awesome view! It literally took like 30 minutes to get there im not sure what was in the fuel but we were hauling some serious speed. Because of that we got to the airport and nobody was there for like an hour so we just sat around and waited it was interesting i got alot of weird looks because there were 30 of us swarming the hall with our badges and luggage someone said " The Mormons are coming folks" haha yes we are sir yes we are! We went to the Temple and AAHHHHHHH its so awesome and beautiful! It really is the House of the Lord and i love the spirit i feel there! We met President and Sister Ballard and im in good hands! They are the best people ever and we may or may not get visits from Apostles soon :))))) We then went to the stake center and there were 50 missionaries there already becasue this is a really huge transfer and my trainer is Elder Larson! He is from Layton (Woot woot) and his name is Caleb so whoaaaa inspiration! Mom you may be getting a visitor in the form of his mother! We live in a members house in the upstairs they are the Alberts and they are currently out of town so i havent met them yet! Couple things about Oregon the traffic is ridiculous! My trainer actually can't drive so i have to drive but its a nice car a 2011 ford fusion with brand new brakes! Anyway Portland has the worst traffic and drivers EVER, also they don't have a straight street they are all winding because they would rather have a winding road then cut down a tree and make it easy. Also the weather is awesome but its really smoggy now becasue of some massive fires in washington and eastern Oregon. Everyone here works for Nike or Intel and wears Nike i have never seen so much NIke in my life. We get to go there eventually but its not in our area so probably not for now but when i do if you want something send me $$$ or transfer it on my card so i can get it for ya its 50% off :) My area is the Springville ward and its the top of the mission. Well guys this is super awesome i am so glad to be here i cant wait to get to work and there is alot of it! Love ya lots

Love Elder McDonald

A WHole New World

Hello family and friends! Im so excited to be able to finally message you! Dad can you forward this to mom and give me her address i don't remember it. Basically after i was dropped off they give you alot
of logistics like your debit card, room key, and have a host help you out. My companion is Elder Hansen and he's from cache valley and he worked on a dairy farm so were different but he's nice and respectful, he was assigned to be the IT guy for our district
but hes  never really turned on a computer sooo kind of awkward. We have class for around 8 hours a day and its really cool i always feel the Spirit there and i'm learning alot. Its amazing how fast we are moving, 3 hours after i was dropped they stuck 20 of
us in a room with an investigator and we had to try and teach them. It was tough and awkward because theres 20 of us and no plan at all so we got lost and i don't think we'll get a return appointment oh well! On another note i now know where my tithing money
goes.... the CAFETERIA!! WOW the place is massive and have a variety of foods and they are sooo good! I saw Shaylee Carper there working it was funny! I've also seen alot of my friends like Elder Andrescick, Elder Mckenzie, and Elder Hurst from school and work
from the ole chicken shack! Also Elder Wilde from the ward is in my room!! The MTC for me has been really amazing so far and im hearing alot of "if you can be happy and survive the MTC you can do your mission well" hopefully thats true it'll be different for
sure but its hard here because your studying and teaching for almost the whole day! 10 days left until we leave its crazy. Also we have gym time but the courts are closed so i just went on a bike and man it was awesome i did a mountain course with an average
of 7% to a max of 16% incline for an hour and i felt like Lance in France! (minus the PED and needles in a coke can haha). There's alot to say but not alot of time so ill just continue with all i can. We met our branch presidency last night and they are awesome
they remind me of all my grandparents :) we had an individual interview and i told him i miss all my family and he said its OK to miss your family, however its dangerous to be homesick! Im not homesick right now but i do miss my family lots. Thats all i can
think of right now! Love you guys and stay strong!! The gospel is amazing and changes lives. I promise that with all my being!


Elder McDonald