Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rain, Riches and Really Crazy!

Heeeeey everyone!

This week has been super crazy! First off I forgot to say in the MTC everyone including me was sick so we brought it with us out to Portland and 3/4 of my zone got sick this week! Yay for super virus's! Elder Larson got SUPER sick though so we quarantined him with all the other sick elders in 1 apartment and they played board games and threw ninja stars. The virus pretty much made them go insane hahaha. Anyway I went with the Skyline elders (Elder Sheppard ,who looks like cousin Nate, from Florida and Elder Taggart from Arizona he is super hilarious!). I have to say Skyline is the richest area in our mission and my area of Springville is 2nd richest so not bad $$$ wise. We went tracting but it's super hard because people "have everything" to make them happy BUT we tracted into an Olympic athlete named Gale Ruppsbut. He won a gold or silver medal in a race. Look him up though he was super nice when he opened the door he had no shirt on so it was awkward but elder shephard loves running and know the name so it was super cool, no pics though that was his request darn! BTW that neighborhood housing on average is about 1 million soooo wasn't kidding about rich area. And that's not all! For dinner we went to a members mansion in a gated community which has an average price of 3 million per home! It's where big shots for Intel and Nike work so they are loaded! The members are the Bachmans and they are super cool! It's sad I'm not in there area but it was fun! We had braughts, eclairs, and I did get a picture! Best view in the world!!

Just on miscellaneous notes Every night when we get home we play chess and I'm in the process of solving a Rubix cube it's hard!! We have played 76 matches of chess so far so I'd say I'll be a pro in 2 years! The pieces are lamanites and nephites so there somewhat spiritual haha! Also this week we went to Shari's it's a local pie cafe that does pie shakes they literally blend up a piece of pie and ice cream it was SOOO GOOD! Also I found out that Utah won their game GO UTES! I saw a highlight reel on Facebook so I watched it while we do Facebook. Don't worry we can Facebook we try to share our message through social media and videos it's super cool were teaching Brandon, who used to live here but he's in Cali now so we teach him via Facebook and Skype. Lastly I was being unobservant and I thought I grabbed lotion but I grabbed this thing called Nair. It burns your hair off so my left leg has no leg hair anymore and is super smooth hahahaha I'm fine though it was a good laugh!

Now the Spiritual stuff! If you made it this far congrats theres some good treasures to be read! Our area is super dry so we have been in finding mode ever since day 1 here. We did a whole day of tracting last week and we have a few miracles! We were walking in a neighborhood and we saw this mom struggling so we helped her and started talking. Her name is Lori she grew up in Utah, not a member but knows who and what we are. We testified and gave her a BoM and she told us to come back! So we may have some success! Another miracle was this old Asian man opened the door told us he was moving and so I asked him where. He was moving to Cali the next day and he kept trying to close the door but we got him talking until I testified and gave him a BoM! The man said he would read it on the drive down to Cali so what a miracle! It went from typical door slam to giving out a BoM, the lord works in mysterious ways! My last story is about Sheila. Sheila was a potential in our books so we went to chat with her. We knocked and she came out yelling "it's college game day boys what are you doing interrupting me!" Haha we found out she is a Nebraska fan and just witnessed them get beat by.....some team in Provo? Haha so we had some base to talk about, then it all went downhill when she starts ranting about science and the trinity in the Baptist church. Oh and she hates j dubs too so she went on a rant there, also she is writing sci fi books and has 300 novels about aliens soooo not exactly relatable. We tried bringing her back to not ranting but then she told us the BoM isn't true because of geography and she tried to give us a lesson, but we shut her down by testifying of its truthfulness, that it wasn't written for a geography lesson but as another testament of Jesus Christ, and evidence on how God speaks to us today. She said she trusts her PhD's rather than God, and told us to never come back. Wow she is by far the most absolutely craziest person I've met!

As I've been working this week my testimony has grown so much! I love the Savior and I know He Lives! He really is the life and the light and through Him we can become stronger in all aspects of our lives. I have a testimony because I've experienced it myself and I know the Gospel works! I testify of Joseph Smith, praise to the man who communed with Jehovah! Jesus anointed that prophet and seer! Because of him we have the authority from priesthood powers, eternal truths, and the Fulmess of the Gospel back on Earth once more! All is well if we follow God and his prophets! Stay strong I need you and the Lord needs you too!

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