Monday, October 19, 2015

Ammon 2.0

Another week in the books,Smiling face with open mouth

We are just implementing a lot of service in our area now, like Ammon
did in the Book of Mormon. We did our normal runs of the food bank and
rock creek food pantry but we did some moving parties as well. We
helped the 5 oaks sisters help an investigator of theirs move and he
is super cool, his name is Dave and man he's got a lot of stuff! We
unloaded his house onto 3 truck beds and an uhaul on top of that,
which we brought to storage pod #1 and unloaded. We then went to a
different location and uploaded pod #2 and put it in pod #1. Pod #2
was a lot of fun because since I was the smallest I got to climb over
all the boxes and furniture and start pulling crap out it was super
fun actually!! Another was we got a call from a restricted number but
it was from an old lady who needed some help with some furniture. She
called us Mormon boys and when we finished moving stuff she told us we
were miracles to her. I guess miracles don't have to happen to you but
you can be a miracle for someone else.

We haven't been to Melanie's, the lady from last week, yet because we
call her and she is driving so it's just a bad time to call her, but
she is still interested!

We went on a road trip to the northern part of our area which is the
edge of the mission as well. I'll show some pics of some places we
went, very green and open I'll tell ya! Haven't seen as many
confederate flags though compared to last trip haha.

Some spiritual things I have this week was this poem about the
atonement, I'll attach a picture. It really made me think that there
are no holes in christs atonement. It's real and heals. I also on
another note know that Satan is real, because there is "opposition in
all things" not only is he real but he wants you to be destroyed and
miserable like he is. I've seen Satan work overtime especially on
people I've seen, he knows the blessings of the restored gospel of
Jesus Christ and he doesn't want you to have that. He does this by
deception, lies, deceit, disobedience, pride, and guilt. DONT LET HIM
WIN. I know Jesus Christ lives, he taught tidings of great joy, he
established a church for people to be blessed. He BEAT SATAN by
loosing our sinful bonds in Gethsemane, and breaking death's chain on
the cross. We find Him fully through The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints, where He stands at the head. I love Him to which I
can't find an end. I know these things to be true.

I love all y'all and hope you have a swell week!

Quick shoutout to My boy Zach Valliere! It's crazy that your already
leaving to Canada !  Thanks for always being a bro and making sure I
had fun in high school! Smiling face with Sunglasses just be weary of the Mtc dot, wake up early
to get a warm shower, and please don't drink the oj I got sick
actually haha. I'll make sure to email your mission email too bro!

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