Monday, October 19, 2015

Never Fear the Elders are here!

Hola family and friends!!
Another week passes in dear Oregon, and a lot happened this week. To
start out with we did a lot of service , a guy in the ward over cut
down 2 cords and so we helped him stack it. It was pouring down rain
so it was the real authentic Oregon experience finally! It hasn't
rained here in forever so it was time to see some rain. We had an
assembly line going and I was next to a sister, and she accidently
threw a log at my arm so my bicep is bruised... And not because My
muscles are ripped haha. We also helped a lesbian lady move out of her
apartment, she grew up in slc so she knew who to call to get a moving
crew together... Never fear the elders are here! Although it was super
awkward because we started moving boxes and we found some questionable
items, but she was so grateful for our help and that's all that
matters to me! Service is fun!

Speaking of service I went on my first exchange with my district
leader elder Williams. He is from Texas, and he is super awesome!! He
was in the navy and he deferred for 2 years so he could serve a
mission. Dad you would like him because he knows who Alex Jones is and
he is super conservative hahaha he cracks me up; but he also has back
problems so he looks like Rambo on the outside but really he's a teddy
bear with some feelings. I told him about my back and we're best buds
now. I can't remember if I've told you guys about Desiree but I've
taught her before, she is ready to get baptized she is just trying to
get off smoking, so we gave her a seven day cleanse method that
eliminates the triggers to smoking and it's super brutal cleanse. She
called us the next day and was freaking out so we had to leave like an
emergency and give her a blessing but now she is better, she was at
church and we did a zone fast for her. She really is a strong lady I'm
glad I'm here to know her!

Unfortunately a lot of our teaching this week is sparse, people are
super flaky and cancel out on us. Oh well, a lot of our focus is on
finding new people, so we are walking on a trail by our house and
talking to potentials. So far none yet but we actually get to talk to
people instead of a slammed door so that's a positive! On another
noteWe have to get our car fixed because my Zl decided to run the car
into a post so my bumper is wrecked.... After that I was making a U
turn on a dirt road and I ripped the entire thing off! Haha it's
already going into the shop for the bumper anyway so I'm ok I had to
call the mission office and they were totally fine it was good to

On Sunday everyone was depressed... Because UTAH ABSOLUTELY DERAILED
I'm surprised they did that good, I knew they would win and EVERYONE
called me crazy but I knew it, they might as well pick up the title on
their way home too!

Spiritually I've been thinking a lot about the sabbath day, and the
brethren are really pushing this too so it really is important. The
Sabbath day is a reflection of our commitment to God, Jesus Christ,
and the restored gospel. We know from Genesis that the lord sanctified
this as our day of rest, to more fully appreciate and worship Him. We
also know that Jesus instituted the sacrament on this day so we can
renew ourselves to his name and our baptismal covenants. The sabbath
truly is a sign from God (exodus 31:13). it helps us leave the world
in which we live for 3 hours to take the sacrament, a saving ordinance
by the way, to be nourished by the good word of God, (Sunday school,
ym/yw, elders quorum), and to be uplifted by others around us like our
neighbors and Ward members. Twitter,Facebook, and nfl scores can wait.
It's a shame to see people texting during the sacrament, because it
should be a prepatory and growing experience for people to come closer
to Jesus Christ. I know before the mish I wasn't the best about this,
but I'm finally starting to understand what the Lord wants. He wants
us to go to Church. He wants us to enjoy his special day. I know it
will bless your life more than anything if you attend church, I've
seen it already to people I've taught!

My shoutout this week is hopefully going to help rebound from last
week because they're twins..... Cousin Jake!!!!! I felt bad because I
saw it was your b day last week and I forgot to shout you out sooooo
here I am!!! Happy Birthday! Your teens are over, but your party heart
never will!!! I love ya Jake so much!! Your always there, when I
doorbell ditched Mrs. Coopers house and spoke Spanish to her, Gary's
rats under the tramp, and helping me out with Jr. High romances!
You'll always make the best burrito because of cafe rio, and a fellow
wildcat to boot! You'll always have a special place in my heart Jake,
love ya lots!

Elder McDonald

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