Monday, October 19, 2015

Miracles Never Cease

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Hello foreign Utahns,

To start on a weird note, we buried a dog... I forgot to mention that
last week, but in between Sunday sessions of conference a member
frantically called us and asked us to bury her dog. So we dug a 3 x3x
3 hole, it was interesting timing I guess... Spiritual high in the
morning and evening but lunchtime? The lord is showing me a lot of
things already, but this is a nice spice to the résumé I guess.

Our lessons this week are all rcla's which means lessons to recent
converts. We do it with the caracci family,I don't remember but I'll
tell you anyway, they are literally the best people ever!! Grandma and
Mama caracci were found tracting, they were baptized and then their
niece Miranda got baptized because she lived with them. Soon after
Chris, the dad, joined in and got baptized as well as their daughter
rayna. They've seen a lot of hard things in life, but their
testimonies are incredible. Chris got the aaronic priesthood recently
and him and Miranda are getting their endowments soon.

Because our area is dry as can be and we are running out of streets to
tract, we are doing a lot of service. On Tuesdays we volunteer at the
rock creek Christian church food pantry, they always call us the Jesus
boys and we were trained right. Haha it's funny when they get fired up
or whatever they do. We also did a Jogathon event at president
ballards kids middle school. It was super fun we marked kids with
markers when they lapped by us. Also there was a cheerleader helping
us and she asked us a lot of questions about who we are. She thought
we were with the government at first haha but we taught her a lot,
although we technically can't proselyte. We found out she lives right
by us but in the skyline area, in fact she lives in the same
apartments as they do coincidently. Also we did our normal Oregon Food
Bank shift on Friday which was nothing new. But on Saturday we did a
grand opening of the laurel parc assisted living facility. It's a
brand new 10 million dollar place, basically a really nice community
house for the elderly. It had a new hot tub, pool, sauna, weight room,
dance room, library, cafeteria, garden, game room, arts and crafts,
etc you name it!!!!!!!!!!! We were there from 7-3 and we blew up
balloons, set up stuff, did tours, and took it all down. It was some
serious fun!!!!

To close on a wonderful note, me and elder Larson had a miracle this
week! So our area is straight up dry. We haven't found anyone new
since I've been here, all of our investigators are moving or getting
adopted so we've been in a spiritual slump so to speak. However one
day elder Larson looked at me and said " you decide who we can visit,
it's all you". I had the list of less actives and was picking people
we had knocked on at least 5 times already. Not gonna lie I was really
discouraged, but I felt a special prompting about a name Ray & Sean.
We went to their place and knocked and this women answered the door
and we found out Ray and Sean had moved! Oh No!! But I felt the spirit
literally shove me to share my testimony of the BoM, so I did and she
was really open to us! She took a copy and told us to come back!! I
was so pumped! Patience is a virtue, always remember that!

Shoutout to....... My cousin Breee!! Ahhhh I miss ya lots Bree you've
always shown me how to have a good time! From seeing Spider-Man to
helping me out when I needed to uncoop from the chicken shack your
great!!!!! Love ya lots!!!!

I hope all your weeks have been swell!
 Love, Elder McDonald

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