Monday, October 19, 2015


My beloved family who also are friends!
This week has been a rough patch for me actually. All of our
investigators have either moved, being adopted, or dropped us except
for 1. Instead of being a downer though, I want to express my feelings
for conference, because it gave me a boost that I so spiritually
needed to get back on my feet.

First off, conference is SO much more different on the mission! We
have to watch it with members who have to stream it from online or a
special satellite tv package. Priesthood we went to the stake center
where they streamed it. Spiritually though conference is a lot more
powerful and impactful to me. I feel like back home I hardly ever got
anything out of it, but the Lord is showing me now how important
modern revelation and prophets really are. I took notes and it
definitely helped me retain knowledge and impressions I need and what
to study later when they release it online. Conference now is a lot
more special to my heart, and is now more a priority than ever! Six
months is a long time to wait!

So the 3 new ones are super cool! Rasband, Stevenson, and Renlund.
I've done some research on them and they've spoken before and they
have some good talks already!
They are so new but they have such strong testimonies of the Savior
that it doesn't matter. My favorite talks were Holland (of course)
laying down how great mothers are, he seriously makes me cry every
time because the spirit is so strong! I also enjoyed D Todd
Christoffersons talk because he lays down why organized religion is
important. I've met so many people that say "all I need is to be
spiritual, and not religion especially organized ones" so it was good
to hear an Apostle of Jesus Christ clarify these simple and necessary
doctrines. My other talk that I really liked was Devin G Durrant, who
challenges us to save money which  will help us temporally, and
spiritually to PONDERIZE!! My new favorite word! This is a super good
idea to be a good scriptorian and have a bedrock testimony of Jesus
Christ and his dealings with all peoples.

I love President Monson and I pray for him, he was struggling to get
words out and was exhausted this conference. But remember "follow the
prophet, he knows the way". I know he is a prophet of God, and pray
for him always!

My shoutout is to my dear mom! Oh how I love ya!! Hollands talk really
hit me home, it's made me realize how Christlike mothers really are!
You may have not carried me in your tummy, but you've held me up for
18 years. I cant imagine how you do the things you do, you are the
best! You helped me fill my hole in my life, and showed me who I can
be. You've shown me what man I need to be and I can't say thank you
enough. I love you SOOO MUCH MOMMA!

Love you guys and hope your week is swell!

Elder McDonald

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